Friday, May 28, 2010

Weirdos from another Planet

If you are a Christian you are an Alien. A weirdo. A freak. We don't fit into the world and thank God for that. The world has become a place of shame and heartache; a disastrous mess that we have to remodel the way God wants it.

Imagine your in a blank room. The walls are white and plain, but you see an artist with every color imaginable streaking the room in a blast of intricate and complex designs of trees, mountains, birds, fish and everything the earth possesses. Sunsets flash in purples and dazzling oranges and you think you can leap for joy and sing to the heavens. Everything is perfect! New! Fresh!

Now imagine a dark pale figure slink to the walls with only three colors. Sin. Death. And Hatred. He slashes the dark colors onto the precious painting and images suddenly began appearing before your eyes: Murder. Thievery. Deceit. Disobedience. Drug Abuse. And much more. You begin to cry and wail with pure agony. ...That is what the human nature has done to the earth...

Now imagine that the good artist hands you a paintbrush and says to you, "My child, bring the good news to this broken world and restore the color of Salvation."

And hear you sit, browsing my blog lazily. Don't you care. Do you think this is just another stupid blog post that will be forgotten the next day? And if not, then accept the fact that this isn't your home and go preach the gospel.